on “professional” sport

As long as sports stars are deified for nothing more than their ability to play their sport, we can and will expect them to let us down.

The fact that this (mis)behaviour is now clearly institutional should surprise nobody; after all, some sportspeople can individually behave in abhorrent ways, and be widely forgiven within days. Why *wouldn’t* the clubs try to capitalise on this? The upside is pretty clear — more wins equals more sponsorship dollars equals more income, and the down side — being “caught” and punished in the media, and by fans and sponsors — very temporary.

Sports “stars” are not perfect; they’re human, and arguably have a pretty limited set of skills beyond their chosen sport. Common sense — and other life skills — in particular seem to be lacking from some of them.

If you’re truly outraged by their behaviour, stop watching professional sport, starting with the most badly behaved clubs and codes. Not temporarily: permanently.
Stop giving professional sports’ sponsors your business, and ensure they understand the link.
Stop paying attention to the news media, who for the most part *love* the bad behaviour. Use your time more constructively instead.

If you’re not outraged, stop pretending that you are, and go back to business-as-usual.

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