it recruitment

Federal and state governments have already spent millions investigating ways to fill thousands of empty jobs.

However, IT workers argue that government money would be better spent hiring graduates for big projects so they can get valuable on-the-job experience.

Yes, but…

HR executives have a special term for this 6:1 market advantage when they’re trying to fill jobs today: They call it a “talent shortage.”


Many businesses that struggle to find employees would state that while there are plenty of people, there are not plenty of people who can do the jobs that need to be done.

This is rubbish.

There isn’t a talent shortage, and nor is there a job shortage.

There are plenty of jobs. There are also plenty of people — good people — searching. Making the two match up relies more on old-fashioned recruitment (for the employer) and job-seeking (for the candidate employee) and less on whichever HR fad is flavour of the moment.

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