motorcyclists, or us-vs-them

At present, the Queensland government seem intent on alienating anyone who happens to utilise two-wheeled, motorised transport — particularly where this form of transport is used for recreational purposes. All because a handful of motorcyclists — bad eggs, no doubt — performed criminal acts.

The dumb thing is that the legislation being used as the blunt instrument to “punish” the bad eggs doesn’t even refer to motorcyclists in particular: the media, in their desire to simplify the legislation, have taken the soundbites direct from the government of the day… and it seems, in many cases, haven’t actually bothered to comprehend the legislation itself.

Subsequent to this, a certain subset of the population have seen this War On Bikies as a way to grind an axe against all motorcyclists, often for tenuous reasons or perceived slights. Since Campbell Newman started his campaign, I’ve had other road users hurl abuse at me for daring to be on a motorcycle; I’ve heard stories from my fellow motorcyclists of worse than this occurring.

To that end, understand this:

  1. Criminal behaviour is criminal behaviour. Riding a bike does not equate to criminal behaviour.
  2. Assuming you must stereotype, please understand the difference between a member of an outlaw group — one of the few ways in which the current legislation does refer to any group of individuals — and a non-member of an outlaw group. Again, riding a bike does not necessarily equate to membership in an outlaw group.

Taking the law into your own hands makes you the same class of criminal you claim to abhor.

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