the large head, and the long tail

The Internet took off nearly 20 years ago with the wide dissemination of Netscape, the first web browser. Among the founding myths of this new economy was the belief that it would do away with intermediaries placing buyers and sellers face to face. Far from disappearing, new overpowerful intermediaries have actually emerged.

It’s my belief that all we’re seeing here is an artefact of people’s laziness: people can find whatever they want on the Internet; the Internet does allow the Long Tail — here, of creators — to be more successful than they could be in its absence. Finding “whatever they want” is however the problem! To that end, distribution channels which allow such retailers to find their customers will necessarily do well… forming a new point of focus, and a new winner-take-all point, one level back from product creation.

It’s important to note that none of the organisations mentioned in Rizos’ article are content creators: they’re distributors, par excellence. And in turn, I’m confident that these will eventually have had their day in the sun.

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