Something has to give.

We have governments throughout the western world busily invoking austerity, and specifically austerity in ways that uniquely disadvantage the already disadvantaged.

We have more surveillance than ever before. We have Internet censorship and monitoring, courtesy of Western governments who routinely criticise other nations for the same — and from governments whose political leanings should suggest less, rather than more, government oversight.

We have governments selling our future down the river: proposing in a Green Paper various ways to charge for public schooling (while, it needs to be said, managing to find money for well-to-do private schools); destroying renewable energy programmes — using questionable logic, at that — in favour of non-renewable energy; spending millions of dollars of time and effort — possibly illegally — on pet programmes while simultaneously claiming that there’s no money available for more essential public services; increasing the basic service charges on essentials while simultaneously claiming a lowering of costs (something that is true for above-average power consumers; people who tend to be better off).

Equality be damned. The trend is well away from anything of the sort, which in the longer term is anything but good for any of us.

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